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My Military Experience

As a child growing up I always wanted to be in the Military. My Father was a Marine in Vietnam, both of my grandfathers were WW2 vets, so I was around it my whole life. I gather the neighborhood kids and gave them all ranks. We played outside in the woods from Dusk till dawn through rain and snow. It was a different time, we just had to check in with a phone call every now and then and be home when the street lights turned on.

Through my teen years I remember a Marine who sat dos blues while I was in detention. He had me convinced to join the Marines. Well that never happened, but through my 20’s something always felt like it was missing. As the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were going on their 8th and 9th years, I had friends coming home from the Army. I felt that I needed to step up. Two days after my 30th birthday I enlisted with the Army National Guard. I signed up to be in the Infantry, after all if I was going to war I want to be in the front row.

I completed basic training in August of 2009, as soon as I got home I found out my unit the 1-102nd Infantry Mountain was being mobilized for Afghanistan. We left in November of that year. The next year of my life was filled with memories good and bad. By the end of my deployment I came home a little broken. On one mission I had blown some discs in my back, that pretty much ended my career in the Military. I was medically retired in July of 2014.

They were the best days of my life and I made a lot of friends, actually… scratch that, brothers, I gained some brothers.


Bryans Victory Garden Peppers

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About Bryans Victory Garden

From seed to harvest, we grow all our own vegetables used in the infusions.

Our garden is around 580 sqft and our 20’ greenhouse allows us to grow all year and harvest our own seeds for replanting.

Everything is organic, no pesticides and we use recycled rain water.

We are very proud of how our little garden started in 2011. Please follow our gardening page on Facebook.

Bryans Victory Garden
Bryans Victory Garden